Inspiration comes in many different ways and sometimes is unexpected.

My inspiration is two-fold. I was on a family vacation about 23 years ago. I visited an art gallery in Kona, Hawaii and was instantly inspired by the bright colors and creativity of the local artists’ paintings. Since that day, I have been painting tropical fish using a variety of techniques. My earlier paintings are acrylic on canvas and are uniquely framed with multiple floating mats to give the illusion of depth.

My second inspiration; I am from a colder climate where winters have heavy snowfall. I remember sledding down hills with large metal snow saucers. It may sound ironic but what a great idea!

My current artwork now combines my impressionist style within a concave surface, capturing even more depth and broadening the imagination. The process begins with preparing the metal saucer, priming and sealing are very important. Additional textured media (ie. canvas, paper, tissue, etc..) are applied before the actual painting is started. The finished artwork is mounted on a three-dimensional and textured surfaces. Click here to visit gallery.